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The FREND Group has dedicated its financial resources and clinical expertise to improving the quality of life for people in need by providing free educational and treatment clinics and workshops nationally.

With your organization's cooperation, we will gift every employee that attends, a FREE clinical Stress Reduction CD program proven to significantly reduce stress quickly and safely.

Our program is the result of years of clinical research by the most respected facilities in the nation. It is prescribed by certified therapists as a prescription for the mind; compared to a medical doctor's prescription for the body.

Important: The American Cancer Society, the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, General Dynamics and California Nursing Association are are among over 200 organizations that participated in our program to help their employees eliminate stress, improve their health and the organization enjoy a happier, more productive work-force.

Why We Do - What We Do

Co-Founder, Dr. Frank Ricci contracted Cancer from second-hand smoke.  After he recovered from this potentially deadly disease, Frank dedicated his life to helping people eliminate chronic stress and stress-related issues like smoking, obesity, alcohol and the unintended consequences resulting from substance abuse. He co-founded The FREND Group Clinic and became a nationally respected clinician and speaker who is passionate about his work and compassionate toward his clients.

With over six thousand clinical and inspirational events under his belt internationally, Frank has become a national leader in behavior modification and a respected humanitarian helping people improve the quality of their life.

We know that when we help people reduce chronic stress (The Cause), stress-related issues (The Effect), like smoking, excess weight, pain, insomnia, alcohol and drug abuse can be dealt with more effectively.

We educate, motivate and give people faith and tools to achieve whatever they put their mind to so they and their loved ones can enjoy life at its fullest.

FREND's Benefits to your Organization


Dr. Ricci's inspirational seminar/clinics have helped thousands of attendees improve the quality of their life. His seminars are not just clinical, all attendees receive free behavioral modification treatment and a fascinating life improvement education - Referred to as the "The wow factor".

You are whatever you believe you are!

Our thoughts have direct influence over our body and FREND’s clinically based program shows people how to effectively modify their behavior to improve their health and life.

Attendees learn about the "Theory of the Mind", The Pain/Pleasure Principle, Progressive Relaxation, Positive Visualization and how the link between cause and effect of stress and anxiety can lead to addictive behavior, poor health and in some cases premature death.

They also learn how to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle utilizing FREND's positive reinforcement program.

What a Clinical Seminar Consists Of

When attendees arrive, they recieve a brochure, which provides complete information about what to expect during the presentation.

They may select any unoccupied seat, unless they are hearing impaired and should sit up front as close to the therapist as possible and receive a full explanation about what to expect from this session.

Seminar / Clinic Begins

FREND’s cliinical seminars are conducted by speakers with extensive experience in mind/body wellness and behavior modification.

The sessions consist of a comprehensive and priceless education on how the mind influences the body to create either a healthy (aka Success) or an unhealthy lifestyle (aka Failure) . Positive psychology, guided imagery and progressive relaxation are designed to naturally and effectively modify behavior - attendees can experience immediate and dramatic results.

1st Half - The MIND

It includes a comprehensive and fascinating education on mind/body wellness. How the mind influences the body to create a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.

Attendees learn about the theory of the mind, pain/pleasure principle, progressive relaxation, positive visualization and reinforcement and how the cause and effect of stress can lead to unhealthy behavior such as smoking, excess weight, pain, insomnia and much more.

Attendees then experience the first of two enjoyable relaxation techniques designed to easily eliminate stress and associated pain in minutes.

They also learn advanced programs they and their family can use to achieve and maintain a positive and stress-free lifestyle. These programs are the results of extensive research at UCLA, John Hopkins, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University and HMI.

In addiotion, they recive a fascinating education on the "Theory of the Mind" including the roles the conscious and subconscious minds play in ones life. How the mind influences the body to create either a healthy or an unhealthy lifestyle, how we create addictive behavior, positive psychology, guided imagery, the comfort zone, various states we enter during our normal day such as the beta, alpha, theta and delta ranges and what they mean, and progressive relaxation techniques designed to naturally and comfortably eliminate stress and tension and stress-induced pain.

Many people notice that stress, tension and stress-induced pain they had when they arrived (e.g. headache and muscle ache) have disappeared. Many report having that pain daily for months and years only to find it gone after just one fifteen minute treatment.


During the intermission most people are amazed at how relaxed they feel. The intermission usually lasts from 20 to 30 minutes.

2nd Half - The BODY

Participants learn about one of the most addictive substances known and how manufacturers use this substance to manipulate them into buying their unhealthy products.

Smokers learn how they can quit smoking with no weight gain and no negative withdrawals. One attendee quit three packs of cigarettes per day, said she feels much healthier and saves over $400 each month.

Overweight people learn how they can lose all the excess weight they want naturally, with no fad or starvation diets.

Participants experience their second effective stress reduction technique that can help them also quit smoking and/or lose excess weight naturally including stress-related pain.

During the second half, the speaker focuses on basic nutrition and the relation between what they eat and how they think. For example, how sugar plays a key role in the thought process and its relationship to excess weight and smoking. How smoking is a stimulant not a sedative as most smokers incorrectly believe.

As a Cancer survivor, Frank Ricci emphasizes proper nutrition and the defensive role it plays fighting deadly disease. The American Cancer Society supports The FREND Group's program and we share their guidelines to eating healthier with our clients.

How the reinforcement program helps people look forward to and enjoy drinking eight wonderful glasses of water per day assisting in weight loss. Frank shares a story of how one attendee lost twenty pounds in one month by simply helping them drink more water.

He then guides attendees through a second wonderful relaxing session focusing on behavior modification for weight management and smoking cessation.

Participants find this experience extremely beneficial. Many feel as if they just had eight hours of refreshing sleep. Many also contact us later and say, that night they had one of the most peaceful nights sleep they ever had.

Attendees look forward to taking charge of their health and improving the quality of your life. They leave feeling positive about themself and treatment received. They feel like a new person, more positive and look forward to eating healthier and having freedom from stress and stress-related issues.


Attendees leave refreshed, relaxed, motivated and self-confident. They learn how to take charge of their health and look forward to improving the quality of their life.

They maintain a more positive attitude toward themselves, family and co-workers and have new knowledge and skills to control stress and stress-related issues.

Many attendees say, stress and tension was eliminated and remained so, long afterward. Stress-induced headaches and muscle pain also disappeared.

Overweight people report, typically losing 8 to 35 pounds within the first six weeks with no fad or starvation diets. Others report losing 50 to 75 pounds or more over an extended period of time.

Smokers report, quitting with no negative withdrawal symptoms and no weight gain.

One attendee recently wrote that she quit three packs of cigarettes per day, feels much healthier now and saves over $400 every month and achieved this after just one session.

Still others say, they no longer suffer from insomnia, stopped drinking excessive alcohol, biting their fingernails and gained a more positive attitude.

Clinical reinforcement audio programs are available by request. Used as directed, these programs enhance success and are proven safe and effective. Clients can use them anytime in the privacy of their home and share them with loved ones, twelve or older.

Major corporations, law enforcement, health professionals and government agencies nationwide have all taken advantage of this effective program. It is a gift of life to organizations that want to help employees lead a healthier more productive life. An additional benefit is that organizations can realize an improved bottom line. Because of the many positive results employee's experience, organizations ask us to return and help others that could not attend the first session.

The FREND Group also dedicates a portion of their income to help other charitable causes and to support research to combat chronic stress, smoking and obesity;charities like the American Cancer Society, Diabetes and Heart Associations.

Stressed attendees say, stress and tension was eliminated or significantly reduced during the session and remained low afterward. Stress-induced headaches and muscle pain also disappeared.

Overweight people report, losing excess weight naturally with no fad or starvation diets. Typical weight loss within the first six weeks is 8 to 35 pounds. Others report losing 50 to 75 pounds over a longer period of time.

Smokers and chewers report, quitting with no negative withdrawal symptoms and no weight gain.

Additional benefits. Many say they no longer suffer from insomnia, stopped drinking excessive alcohol, biting their fingernails or improved their love of life.

Notice: Funds received are used to help support further research in combating chronic stress, smoking, obesity; and charities like the American Cancer Society, Diabetes and Heart Associations.

Attention Owners, Managers, Directors and Executives

Read "The Cost of Chronic and Work Related Stress Issues and Solution" it will put into perspective why our program is so important.

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Happy Teens

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