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Our "Service Grant" is an award of Professional Service to Others

Over 200 organizations nationally have taken advantage of our no-cost Service Grant that pays all professional fees and ancillary costs for a proven-effective and inspirational group seminar/health clinic.

It is free to participating organizations and all their personnel are invited to attend free (With your organization's approval, employees' family, 12 years old or older, may also attend free).

Our Service Grant is a gift of life to organizations that want to help employees lead healthier, happier more productive lives and a healthier, happier workforce can lead to a more profitable bottom line.

Our proven-effective program is designed to eliminate stress, excess weight, smoking, pain, insomnia and improve general health. It is the most advanced, effective, and safest approach we know of today for behavior modification, stress reduction and stress-related issues.

Over 200 major corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, firefighters, health organizations and professional associations have taken advantage of our proprietary program. It is based on research at internationally respected institutions like Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, John Hopkins and Mayo Clinic and attendees learn clinically proven methods that can empower and dramatically improve their health by applying the latest in motivational psychology and behavioral improvement.

Attendees see first-hand how this special presentation is educational, inspirational and a fascinating adventure into how to improve the quality of their life.

It is presented in terms that are easy to understand and adopt, to enhance personal growth and improve health. Participants gain valuable insight and awareness into why they make decisions that adversely affect their health and learn proven effective skills that can free them from past negative conditioning.

In addition, with your organization's participation, we will gift every employee that attends a free Stress Reduction Audio CD Program clinically proven to significantly reduce stress quickly and safely (No known negative side effects).

Positive changes take place quickly

Attendees acquire a new level of confidence in their innate abilities, an increased feeling of self-worth and an inner strength that remains with them long term and an ability to be more productive.

FREND has enjoyed a virtual 100% approval rating since 1994 from those we've serve , such as The American Cancer Society, The California State Association of Counties, General Dynamics the California Association of Highway Patrolmen and California Police Chiefs Association (See endorsements below).

Dr. Frank Ricci, co-founded The FREND Group after he contracted Cancer from second-hand smoke (He did not smoke). His original mission was to help smokers quit. After decades of dedication to improving the quality of life for people in need, FREND has expanded its service to other areas suxh as stress, weight, insomnia, pain and more. Dr. Ricci is a nationally respected leader in behavior modification and sought-after cliinical and inspirational speaker to hundreds of organizations and over six thousand events to his credit.

As part of his life's work to improve the quality of life for people in need, Dr. Ricci received a "Humanitarian Award" for his compassionate work with Down Syndrome children.

The FREND Group also dedicates a portion of their time and treasure to charities like the American Cancer Society and research to combat chronic stress, obesity, smoking and addictive behavior.

National Endorsements

  • American Cancer Society (ACS) endorsed The FREND Group for its "Quality of Life Program" (2003)

  • California Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Program (TUPE) Coordinator endorsed The FREND Group's treatment and educational seminar/workshop for students (2005)

  • California State Association of Counties (CSAC) highly recommends The FREND Group's seminar/health clinic for all county employees (2009)

  • Los Angeles Urban League recommends The FREND Group and Dr. Ricci, Director/Co-Founder, for inspiring inner-city youth to achieve academic success (1972)

  • American Medical Association(AMA) endorsed the use of Clinical Hypnotherapy as an ideal treatment for behavior modification and elimination of undesirable habits such as Chronic Stress, Excess Weight, Smoking and more (1958)

  • American Psychological Association (APA) endorsed Clinical Hypnotherapy as a branch of Psychology (1960)

  • American Medical Association (AMA) endorsed the use of Clinical Hypnotherapy as an alternative to Chemical Anesthesia for Pain Relief and Surgical Anesthesia (1962)

  • The National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends Clinical Hypnotherapy as treatment for Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Addictions

Benefits to Organizations we serve

1. No Cost to your Organization

2. No Cost for your Employees to Attend

3. No Cost to Employee’s Family to Attend (Based on approval of Organization)

4. Will Not Interfere with your Production (Held during off-duty hours)

5. We WILL

  •  Pay all professional fees via this Service Grant and do virtually all the work

  •  Provide only credited professional clinicians to conduct the session

  •  Provide free proven-effective professional group behavior modification protocols

  •  Provide free, a nationally respected clinical program that can decrease health care costs, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and produce a healthier motivated workforce

  •  Administer proven-effective behavior modification treatment for the following disorders: excess weight, chronic stress, and substance abuse such as, smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs

  •  Provide complete disclosure regarding our program

  •  Honor our commitments to you, your organization and your people


  •  Refer your people toward any medical products; dentistry, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy or religious organizations

  •  Diagnose, prescribe, or administer medical care

  •  Ask for physical addresses or telephone numbers

Ulys Stapleton, City Attorney, Grants Pass, OR says, "To my amazement, since the session I have been successful in changing my behavior beyond my wildest dreams."

Sharleen of California says, “The information was not simply textbook, it was real life experiences which I could relate to. My family members are able to see the difference and have commented on how healthy and relaxed I am.”

7. To learn more about our "Service Grant" program, Click here to email your request. Write in the body of your email: Attention Dr. Ricci, we would like to learn more about your free seminar/clinic for our employees (Please include your name, title and contact information).

Results of Our Seminar/Clinic

  • Attendees leave refreshed, relaxed, motivated and self-confident. They learn how to take charge of their health and look forward to improving the quality of their life.

  • Stressed attendees say, stress and tension was eliminated or significantly reduced during the session and remained so long afterward. Stress-induced headaches and muscle pain disappeared and now have new knowledge and skills to control stress and stress-related issues.

  • Overweight people report, typically losing 8 to 35 pounds naturally within the first six weeks with no fad or starvation diets. Others report losing 50 to 75 pounds or more over an extended period of time (one client reported losing 125 pounds).

  • Smokers and chewers report quitting with no negative withdrawal symptoms and no weight gain. One attendee recently wrote that she quit two packs of cigarettes per day (Three on weekends). She feels much healthier now and delighted that she saves over $400 every month. What's more, she achieved this after attending just one two-hour session.

  • Others say they no longer suffer from insomnia, stopped drinking excessive alcohol, biting their fingernails. They maintain a more positive attitude toward themselves, family and co-workers.

  • Clinical reinforcement audio programs are available to attendees by request. Used as directed, these programs enhance success. They are proven safe and effective and attendees can use them anytime in the privacy of their home plus share them with loved ones   in need, twelve years old or older.

You are whatever you believe you are

Dr. Ricci's seminar/clinics are not just clinical, all attendees receive free behavioral modification treatment and a fascinating life improvement education referred to as the "The wow factor". Attendees can experience immediate positive results.

What a Seminar/Clinic Consists Of

When attendees arrive they may select any unoccupied seat (Hearing impaired should sit as close to the speaker as possible), they receive a brochure which provides complete information about what to expect during the presentation.

Seminar/Clinic Begins

FREND’s seminar/clinics are conducted by a clinician with extensive experience in mind/body wellness and behavior modification.

The sessions consist of a comprehensive and priceless education on how the mind influences the body to create either a healthy (aka Success) or an unhealthy (aka Failure) lifestyle. Positive psychology, guided imagery and progressive relaxation are designed to naturally and effectively modify behavior - Many attendees experience immediate dramatic results.

1st Half - The MIND

Attendees receive a fascinating and comprehensive education on  how the mind influences the body to create a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.

How to effectively modify their belief system to improve their life and overall health.

Attendees learn about the "Theory of the Mind", The Pain/Pleasure Principle, Progressive Relaxation, Positive Visualization and how the link between cause and effect of stress and anxiety can lead to negative behavior such as smoking, excess weight, pain, insomnia, poor overall health and in some cases premature death.

The Spirit is the outward expression of how someone feels and how the Mind and Body are working together. All three, Mind, Body and Spirit work as one, you cannot affect one without affecting the others.

That is why this program is geared to help improve the whole person and enjoys an exceptionally high success rate.

Attendees then experience the first of two enjoyable relaxation techniques designed to easily eliminate stress and associated pain in minutes.

They learn about advanced programs they and their family can use to achieve and maintain a positive and stress-free lifestyle.

In addition, they receive a fascinating education on the "Theory of the Mind" and how the roles the conscious and subconscious minds play in ones life. How the mind influences the body to create either a healthy or an unhealthy lifestyle, how we create addictive behavior, positive psychology, guided imagery, the comfort zone, various states we enter during our normal day such as the beta, alpha, theta and delta ranges and what they mean, and progressive relaxation techniques designed to naturally and comfortably eliminate stress and tension and stress-induced pain.

Most attendees notice that stress, tension and stress-induced pain they had when they arrived (e.g. headache and muscle ache) have dramatically reduced or completely disappeared. Many attendees report having pain daily for months and years only to find it gone after just one fifteen minute treatment. Those who arrive as skeptics become firm believers.


During the intermission most people are amazed at how relaxed they feel. Those with stressful jobs experience the most dramatic relief (e.g. Law Enforcement and Firefighters).

2nd Half - The BODY

Participants learn about one of the most addictive substances known and how manufacturers use this substance to manipulate them into buying their unhealthy products.

Smokers learn how they can quit smoking with no weight gain and no negative withdrawals - One attendee who quit two packs of cigarettes per day and three on the weekend, said she is much healthier plus saves over $400 each month.

Overweight people learn how they can lose all the excess weight they want naturally, with no fad or starvation diets.

Many attendees also enjoy additional additional benefits other than stress reduction, smoking cessation or weight loss.

Dr. Frank Ricci also focuses on the relationship between how you think and what you eat. For example, the thought process and its relationship to excess weight and smoking. How smoking is a stimulant and not a sedative, as most smokers incorrectly believe.

Dr. Ricci is a Cancer survivor, who contracted it from second-hand smoke so he knows first-hand what it takes to avoid and survive this deadly disease. He emphasizes one of the major components in fighting Cancer and it is proper nutrition and the defensive role it plays.

As shown above, The American Cancer Society supports The FREND Group's program and we share their guidelines to eating healthier with our clients.

Our reinforcement program helps people look forward to the importance of drinking more water to assist in weight loss. Frank shares how the Administrator of the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indian Tribe easily lost ten pounds with one simple instruction.

He then guides attendees through their second reinforcement stress reduction technique that can help them also quit smoking and/or lose excess weight naturally including stress-related pain.

Participants find this experience extremely beneficial. Many feel as if they just had eight hours of refreshing sleep. Many contact us later and say, that night they had one of the most peaceful nights sleep they ever had.

Attendees look forward to taking charge of their health and improving the quality of your life. They leave feeling positive about themself and the treatment they received. Many attendees feel like a new person, more positive and look forward to eating healthier and having freedom from stress and stress-related issues.

To learn about "The COST of chronic work related stress" Click Here

To learn about "The SCIENCE behind our program" Click Here


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