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About Us

The FREND Group is a charitable teaching and treatment clinic specializing in stress management, weight loss, smoking cessation, pain reduction, insomnia and substance abuse.

More than 200 organizations nationally have been awarded our no-cost "Service Grant" and endorsed our free seminar/clinics and Virtually 100% of over 150,000 attendees have approved our proprietary "Improving Your Quality of Life" program.

We've been honored with awards and recognition for our charitable work ...

  American Cancer Society for our treatment and education Service Grant program to help improve the quality of life for people in need
Testimonials from attendees whose lives dramatically improved after attending just one seminar/clinic
  Endorsements from government agencies, major corporations, law enforcement, fire-fighters, health facilities and educational institutions
The Urban League for motivating inner-city youth to aspire to higher education and give back to their community
  Humanitarian Award presented to Frank Ricci for enriching the lives of Downs Syndrome children (Prior to establishing FREND)

ORGANIZATIONS can receive a no-cost Service Grant that provides a free proven effective seminar/clinic for all employees.

INDIVIDUALS receive a free "Private Consultation". We offer Life Management and Relationship Coaching, which helps clients put life's challenges in perspective so they can attain success in their professional and/or personal life. In these situations, quite often when other members of a family are under stress other family members find themselves faced with residual pressure. The old adage, "You can't see the forest for the trees." certainly holds true for many when they are in a pressured situation.

Who is Frank Ricci?

Frank is our Director/Co-Founder and was raised in a hard working immigrant Italian family in Rhode Island. At nineteen he joined the United States Air Force and attended the Corps of Engineers School outside Washington, DC where he received a Secret Clearance and a degree in Computational Geodetics.

Frank says, "One of the highlights of my military career was attending the inauguration of a fellow New Englander and my Commander and Chief, President John F. Kennedy whose wife also from Rhode Island".

After receiving an honorable discharge, Frank continued his education and received his degree in Computer Programming and worked in defense as a Scientific Computer Programmer. (Later you will see where Frank would continue his education and receive his Doctorate.)

International Celebrity

Frank Ricci was also gifted with an exceptional singing voice inherited from ten generations of Vocal Artists  and Opera Singers in his family dating back to the year 1700. Frank performed internationally and Headlined in Las Vegas alongside music legends like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Reba McEntire, Tony Bennett, Marty Robbins, Tammy Wynette and dozens more. However, after years of notoriety and traveling the world, things were about to change dramatically in his life.

Contracted Cancer

Performing in smoky showrooms took its toll and Frank contracted Cancer from second-hand smoke. After his operation and months of treatment and recuperation he did not have the energy to perform. Frank contemplated what he would do with the rest of his life. He prayed that should he be blessed with a recovery from this life threatening disease he would dedicate his life to helping people in need avoid a similar situation.

Establishes Charitable Health Clinic

One thing his family instilled in all their children was "You can truly accomplish anything you put your mind to". Frank returned to college and pursued studies in in the area of human services and psychology. He received a Doctorate in Theological Counseling and a Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

In 1994, Frank and his Wife Gwen founded, The FREND Group Clinic and Institute for Self-Improvement, a charitable teaching and treating health clinic integrating treatment for the mind, body and spirit. Today, FREND's program includes stress relief, weight management, pain reduction, insomnia, smoking cessation and other addictive behaviors. FREND recently added life management coaching and relationship counseling.

Today, Dr. Frank Ricci is a highly regarded and sort-after Inspirational Speaker, Behavioral Therapist and Life Management Coach.

Dr. Frank Ricci's Curriculum Vita'


Program 1. Service Grant


Program 2. Life Coaching

Program 3. Clinical Hypnotherapy

Program 4. Compatibility Counseling


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