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Clinically Proven Safe and Effective

Improve Your Health in the comfort of your own home with our proven effective clinical hypnotherapy CD programs. Used as directed, our programs can increase your success and there are no known negative side effects.

Our proprietary program is based on advanced research in behavioral science at internationally respected research facilities like the Mayo Clinic, UCLA, John Hopkins, Stanford and Harvard Universities. Our programs are approved by the American Cancer Society, American Medical, American Psychological Associations and are recommended by the National Institute of Health.

NOTE: FREND is a charitable health clinic whose mission is to help improve the quality of life for people in need. Obtaining our programs helps you and helps us to help others. We thank you in advance for your support.

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Stress Picture
Tension & Anxiety
Easily in Minutes
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Lose Weight

Weight Tape Measure
No Diet Pills
No Fad Diets
No Starvation
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Quit Smoking
For Life

Quit Smoking Picture
No Weight Gain
No Negative Withdrawal

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Sleep Soundly
Without Pills
Sleep Soundly
Fall Asleep - Stay Asleep
Wake Refreshed

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Worth It
I'm Worth It
Increase Self-Esteem
and a Feeling of

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Migraine Pic
Eliminates Pain
caused by Stress,
Tension and Anxiety

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  No More
The Blues
Overcome the Blues
That Make You Feel
Down and Listless

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Enjoy Moderate

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Improve Intimacu CD
Enhance Passion and
Physical Relationship

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Complete Library
Every Program
in Our Library

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10 Proven Effective Programs

Frank Ricci - Complete Library

    1. Less Stress - Eliminate stress, tension and stress-induced pain

    2. Quit Smoking - Quit smoking tobacco with no negative withdrawal or weight gain.

    3. Slim & Trim I - Motivates you to drink more water. (An absolute must for weight management).

    4. Slim & Trim II - Helps you desire only healthy food and in healthy portions.

    5. I'm Worth It - Increase self-esteem, vitally important for weight loss.

    6. Easy Exercise - Get off that couch and enjoy moderate exercise like walking.

    7. No More Blues - Overcome the blues that make you feel down and listless. (Not for people who are bipolar or diagnosed with acute, chronic depression).

    8. No More Pain - Eliminate pain caused by stress and tension. (Inform your physician regarding any persistent physical pain.).

    9. Sleep Soundly - Fall asleep easily, stay asleep comfortably, and awake refreshed. (See your physician for any chronic sleep disorder.)

    10. Improve Intimacy - Enhances a couple's physical relationship. (For adults only7

$150.00 (Free Shipping)





No weight gain - No negative withdrawals

2 Programs

Quit Smoking PictureFrank Ricci- Quit Smoking

Program 1 - Less Stress Now - Helps eliminate stress and tension, a major trigger for smokers.

Program 2 - Quit Smoking Now - Help smokers and chewers quit with no negative withdrawal or weight gain

  • Designed to help the tobacco user eliminate all desire to smoke or chew tobacco.

  • It programs the tobacco user to behave like a person who has never used tobacco.

  • It is designed to eliminate use of tobacco from the listener's thoughts.

  • It redirects the tobacco habit and urge to smoke or chew to subtle, safe activity which cancels out the urge and leaves the listener feeling free from the use of tobacco.

  • This audio program is indicated for cigarette, cigar, and pipe smokers and also those who chew tobacco.


  • Perpetual use of tobacco indicates the tobacco user has a psychological and chemical addiction. The elimination of tobacco use must be dealt with psychologically to achieve a permanent satisfactory result.

  • The use of nicotine treated transdermal patches provides a dismal 18% success rate (source: The Journal of the American Medical Association's 1994 survey of 250,000 patch users).

  • Nicotine impregnated gum provided an inneffective 6% success rate of 10,000 users surveyed in a CNN poll (source: CNN News broadcast, 1997).

  • Pharmaceutical companies which produce anti-smoking drugs will not publish a success rate. These drugs have serious side affects. Zyban's literature states that its use (as directed) has proven to cause a mild seizure in 1 out of every 25,000 users.

  • 24% of America's adult population and 14% of America's teens use tobacco.

  • Use of tobacco causes numerous diseases, of which many are fatal.

  • Government reports approximately 434,000 people die each year from smoking and an additional 53,000 from second hand smoke. Imagine wiping out every man, woman and child in a entire city of 1/2 million people each year. It is amazing that any company can lose 500,000 customers each year and still stay in business.

  • The average tobacco smoker smokes 20 cigarettes per day, 7,300 cigarettes / year. This repetition has established a deeply ingrained subconscious habit which is difficult to break. It takes a minimum of twenty-one hypnotic induction's to help a subject maintain a new pattern of change to break the old habit.

  • Approximately 25% of all tobacco smokers are tied to the habit of smoking by use of their hands in the process of smoking. An experiment at Texas University proved that when smokers were placed in a completely blacked out room, where sight was impossible, the smoker had no urge to smoke because they could not see what they were doing. Smokers who underwent tobacco smoking cessation that were given something to do with their hands as a substitute for fondling a cigarette and lighter had a much higher success rate.

  • The tobacco user is addicted to the nicotine and certain chemicals in tobacco. This type of addiction takes the brain, body cells and liver a minimum of 96 hours to completely reject these chemicals. This rejection or withdrawal process causes unpleasant chemical and physiological side affects.

  • Most tobacco users are not aware that if they go 96 hours without the use of tobacco they are no longer addicted physically to tobacco, after that period withdrawal symptoms are primarily psychological.

  • The least expensive and most convenient way to quit smoking is to undergo a twenty-one day clinical hypnotic therapy program with the use of a professionally narrated clinical audio program

$60.00 (Free Shipping)

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Lose Weight Naturally

No Fad or Starvation Diets
4 Programs

Weight Tape MeasureFrank Ricci -  Weight Loss Deluxe

1. Slim & Trim I - Helps eliminate the desire to eat sweet and salty food, the first steps to reducting excess body fat, drink 8 glasses of water and take multivitamin and mineral supplements daily.

2. Slim & Trim II - Motivates the listener to eat a balanced diet of natural, healthy food in such a manner as to cause safe weight reduction. Then, when a trim figure is achieved, to do what is safe and necessary maintain it.

3. Easy Exercise - Motivates the listener to enjoy safe moderate exercises that are most enjoyable to the listener and to exercise regularly.

4. I'm Worth It - This audio program is designed to help the listener realize their true worth, internal strengths, achieve a high level of self-respect and promotes ethical love for self and others. Desensitizes, and vents the causes of low self-esteem which is often the underlying cause of unhealthy, excessive eating and sedentary behavior.

Motivates listeners to forgive themselves and others for the wrong they have done.

$90.00 (Free Shipping)

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Eliminate Stress and Tension in Minutes
Stress PictureDr Frank Ricci - Stress Relief

Reduce Stress Now CD

Designed to help the listener relieve stress, tension and anxiety easily and quickly.

It is also an ideal companion to the stop smoking program, causing the listener to experience peace of mind while withdrawing from the use of tobacco.

Stress is classified a disorder

It is a State of anxiousness or great concern whether real or imagined. Anxiety causes disease because of the affect it has on the human immune system and other functions of the body.

  • Linked to Cancer: A Mayo Clinic study revealed that over 70% of their adult cancer patients experienced an extremely stressful situation about 18 months prior to being diagnosed with cancer.

  • Primary factor in Insomnia (inability to sleep)

  • Major trigger for smokers

  • Causes Hypertension which can lead to stroke and heart attack

  • Primary factor in Bruxism (Grinding of teeth)

  • Inhibits the proper functioning of cells resulting in the potential onset of life threatening diseases

$35.00 (Free Shipping)





Fall Asleep - Stay Asleep - Awake Refreshed
Sleep SoundlyFrank Ricci - Sleep Soundly

  • Now you can fall asleep easily, stay asleep comfortably and wake up refreshed naturally without the use of chemical sleeping aids that can be addictive and have negative side-effects.

  • Designed to relax the listener mentally and physically who has difficulty falling asleep, remaining asleep, or who suffers from insomnia. 

  • It promotes deep relaxation, which enhances deep sleep, REM (rapid eye movement) and vivid dreaming for a refreshing night's sleep.

(See your physician for any chronic sleep disorder)

$35.00 (Free Shipping)

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Ideal Relief For Psychosomatic Pain
Migraine PicFrank Ricci - Pain Relief

  • Eliminate pain caused by stress and tension.

  • It is ideal for relief from psychosomatic caused pain such as head and neck pain and minor muscular discomfort.

  • Stress induced pain can be eliminated naturally without pain medication and no negative side effects .

  • Designed to motivate the listener to eliminate psychosomatic, and stress-induced pain with glove anesthesia hypnotherapeutic techniques.

(Inform your physician regarding any persistent physical pain.

$35.00 (Free Shipping)


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Enjoy Moderate Exercise
Email Request Click HereFrank Ricci - Exercise

  • Designed to motivate the listener to enjoy safe exercise for 30 minutes per session.

  • To select exercises most enjoyable to the listener.

$35.00 (Free Shipping)

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Increases Self-Confidence

I'm Worth ItFrank Ricci - Self-Esteem

  • Designed to help the listener realize their true worth, internal strengths, achieve a high level of self-respect and promotes ethical love for self and others.

  • It desensitizes, and vents the causes of low self-esteem which is often the underlying cause of unhealthy, excessive eating and sedentary behavior.

  • It also motivates listeners to forgive themselves and others for the wrong they have done.

(Important for weight loss)

$35.00 (Free Shipping)

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Called the Marriage Saver
Improve Intimacu CDFrank Ricci - Improve Intimacy

  • Enhances a couple's physical relationship

  • Designed to motivate an adult couple to be free from sexual inhibition with each other.

  • It enhances sexual unity and bonding between two consenting adults which cannot be matched any other way.

  • It promotes monogamy and the listening couple's sexual satisfaction with each other.

  • Our therapists often refer to this program as "The marriage saver"

(For adults only!)

$35.00 (Free Shipping)

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Elminates The Listless Down Feeling
The BluesFrank Ricci - No More Blues

  • Overcome the blues that make you feel down and listless.

  • Designed to motivate the listener to become free from mild depression commonly called the blues.

  • If you are having a bad day and feel down in the dumps, this is the program to use. 

  • Say good-bye to the blues! After 15 minutes you can feel fantastic! 

Not for people who are bipolar or diagnosed with acute chronic depression).

$35.00 (Free Shipping)



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