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Government Agencies


County of Sutter   Health Officer, Sutter County, CA

“You certainly touched and positively affected the majority of the attendees. The program was exceptionally professional in the presentation.”- Dr. Michael Kinnison, Health Officer, Sutter County, CA

Endorsement Letter

County of Butte   Chief Administrative Officer, Butte County, CA

“I highly recommend Dr. Frank Ricci and the FREND Group to any public entity…. ” - Paul McIntosh, Chief Administrative Officer, Butte County, CA

Endorsement Letter

County of Lake  County Administrative Officer, Lake County, CA

"The response from attendees was very positive. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Frank Ricci and The FREND Group." - Kelly F. Cox, County Administrative Officer, Lake County California

Endorsement Letter

  County of Lyon    County Manager, Lyon County, NV

"I was glad to participate in this clinic and feel that the employees who attended did walk-away with some excellent ways to improve their health. I would recommend that other governmental agencies attend your clinic ..." - Dennis W. Stark, County Manager, Lyon County, NV

Endorsement Letter

County of Tulare  Attorney, Tulare County, CA

"The seminar was great! I think all of us could use tips and tools for stress reduction. I know we could use it at the DA's Office, especially when we're in trial." - Letizia Pingitore, Attorney, Tulare County, CA

Endorsement Letter

County of Tehama Chief Administrator, Tehama County, CA

"I appreciated the sincerity with which Dr. Ricci approached our employees. He truly is committed to helping people..." - William "Bill" Goodwin, PE, PLS, Chief Administrator, Tehama County, CA

Endorsement Letter

City of Grants Pass  City Attorney

"To my amazement, since the session I have been successful in changing my behavior beyond my wildest dreams." - Ulys Stapleton, City Attorney, Grants Pass, OR

Endorsement Letter

City of Roseville   Mayor, Roseville, CA

"Thanks for all your hard and good work." - Gina Garbolino, Mayor, Roseville, CA


Farmersville Police Chief   Chief of Police, City of Farmersville, CA

"Taking some of the mystery out of the very complex workings of our minds and the formation of bad habits and behaviors made it possible to see how easy it can be to reverse what in many cases have been lifelong problems." - Mario Krstic, Chief of Police, City of Farmersville, CA

Endorsement Letter


Sample of Letters From State, County and City Employees


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Cal State Association of Counties  California State Association of Counties (CSAC) 

"The FREND Group is a highly qualified group of counselors skilled at helping people work through difficult times and decisions...I highly recommend you consider taking advantage of this program."- Paul McIntosh, Executive Director, California State Association of Counties

Endorsement Letter

 Amer Cancer Society  American Cancer Society

“You owe it to yourself to attend Dr. Ricci's exceptional clinic. The treatment administered is very effective and the valuable information on how to dramatically improve your life is vital.”- Randall L. Butler, Community Cancer Control Manager

Endorsement Letter

CPCA   California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA)

Endorsement Letter

CA Assoc. Highway Patrol   California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP)


CA Nurse. Assoc.    California Nurses Association (CNA)


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General Dynamics


Corporate Medical Director

98,600 employees

“A wonderful alternative to standard medical treatment.” - Dr. Katherine Johnson, Corporate Medical Director, General Dynamics Corporation, Falls Church, VA


Electric Boat Corporation - U.S. Submarine Division

11,300 employees

"I received excellent feedback. Thanks for your superlative effort." - David M. Page, HR Administrator, Electric Boat Corporation, Division of General Dynamic, CT and RI

Endorsement Letter


Bath Iron Works Corporation - U.S. Destroyer Division

7,700 employees

“Feedback was very positive. I found Dr. Ricci to be personable, professional, flexible, and accommodating in the planning, scheduling, and delivery…” - Patrick Conley, Ethics Director Employee Relations, Bath Iron Works Corporation, Division of General Dynamics, ME 

Endorsement Letter

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Health Organizations


 Amer Cancer Society  American Cancer Society

“You owe it to yourself to attend Dr. Ricci's exceptional clinic. The treatment administered is very effective and the valuable information on how to dramatically improve your life is vital.”- Randall L. Butler, Community Cancer Control Manager

Endorsement Letter

CurvesFor Women

"What a phenomenal program! My members are still talking about it and can’t believe the changes in their lives in such a short period of time. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to come to provide my members with such an amazing service! You are truly an inspiration." - Lisa A. Engel, Owner, Curves of Merlin, OR

Endorsement Letter

Healthy Inspirations
"Our ladies were amazed and learned quite a lot. We know that our members benefited from having your seminar and are continuing to use what they learned."
- Lori Dodder, Owner, Healthy Inspirations of Grants Pass, OR

Endorsement Letter


Medical Social Worker

I really enjoyed the presentation and appreciated the educational aspect. From both a professional and lay perspective, I highly endorse your program." - Donna K, Cinical & Medical Social Worker, OR

Endorsement Letter

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Education Organizations


Independence High SchoolTobacco-Use Prevention Education Program, California (TUPE)  

In my 38 years of teaching, I have observed many speakers and attended many workshops. This ranks as one of the best. He was very motivating and is an expert in behavior modification. By the end of the night he had students "ready to quit" smoking." - Ronald Locicero, TUPE Coordinator ESUHSD, Independence High School, San Jose, CA

Endorsement Letter

Oakland High School Oakland High School  

"You are incredible!! Thank you for making it such a memorable evening for our students.

Your event was fun, motivating, and appropriate for our audience. Thanks again for all you did to make the evening a special one for everyone. You were most gracious in accommodating us as well as professional in addressing our concerns." - Kathy Brenner, Program Director, Oakland High School, OR


LA Urban League     Urban League, Los Angeles, CA

"The class was very impressed and found your talk informative. They expressed that your talk was for them and not someone talking down to them ... most (guest speakers) seem to talk over the students heads because they have never had to fight for anything and therefore have no insight on what it means to constantly fight all one's life." - Morris Herndon, Urban League, Los Angeles, CA

Endorsement Letter

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Native American Tribes


Cahto Tribe  Cahto Tribe of Laytonville Rancheria  

“You’ve shown people how to make positive changes that will have a lasting effect on them, their families, and co-workers. You have made a meaningful contribution...”- Hygi Waetermans, Tribal Administrator, Cahto Tribe of Laytonville Rancheria, CA  

Endorsement Letter

Big Valley Rancheria    Big Valley Rancheria

"I believe many Native Americans communities can benefit from your healing modality. I’ve lost 20 lbs since the seminar." - James W. Tail, Tribal Administrator, Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians, CA

Endorsement Letter

Mill Casino  The Coquille Tribe

“Feedback from the participants that attended was positive. Dr. Ricci exhibited the utmost professionalism … that endeared him to many of the employees that attended the sessions.”- Rachele Summerville, Benefit and Safety Administrator, Mill Casino-Hotel, OR 

Endorsement Letter

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News Review   Roseburg, OR

“Employees are still talking about it and are as excited as the day you were here. Your program fit in well with our focus on health and fitness .”- Vicki Johnston, Human Resources, The News Review, Roseburg, OR

Endorsement Letter

Siskiyou Daily News Yreka, CA

"Pat Mills, a Yreka smoker of a pack and a half of cigarettes a day for more than 40 years, attended Ricci's seminar in October and has not had a cigarette since she walked out of the Miner's Inn on Oct. 20 (2004).

Mills says she noticed a difference in her tobacco cravings before she ever left the building that night. "It would cross my mind to smoke and then the idea would go back out," Mills said. Mills' friends say they have already noticed an improvement in her smoker's cough and she has noticed an improvement in her breathing." - Siskiyou Daily News, Siskiyou, CA

Appeal Democrat Yuba City, CA

 "A practical no-nonsense program that is capable of transforming the very foundation of a person's belief system." - Appeal Democrat

Newspaper Article

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Dramatic Life Changes


Found a New Life after the Loss of Daughter

Since the loss of my daughter, in July (2005), I have found nothing pleasurable, little to no motivation to do anything more than what is robotically there to do each day at work. When I stop moving and my mind has the opportunity to ‘think’ the realization can often be too much to bear.

Since your clinic I have, well I can’t explain it and won’t try to figure out an answer, more energy, feel more relaxed, have gotten out from under a seemingly never ending cloud and have started practicing my much loved yoga again. – Lisa D., CA


Felt Privileged - No One Has Ever Taken the Time to Teach Me

I feel privileged! I have never had anyone take the time to teach me how to better myself without expecting all the rewards for them self. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to change me to what I want to be. - Becky S., OR


I Am a Totally Changed Woman

I am a totally changed woman. I was very impressed with Dr. Ricci. I liked his demeanor, sense of humor, and the way he conducted the session made me feel very confident in his abilities. There is a need for his services everywhere. - Margie S., CA


Ex-Convict Understands His Behavior Now

I‘ve just spent several years in prison. Dr. Ricci’s seminar was a major leap in my (drug and alcohol) recovery. I learned more about my behavior from your 2-hour seminar than I’ve learned in 2 months of recovery treatment. – Marty, CA


Absolutely Terrific - Gained Knowledge

It was an absolutely terrific and rewarding evening. I as well as my husband came thinking that we might learn something, OH BOY DID WE!!!! - Evelyne L., NV


Wonderful Option - No More Doubts

I had my doubts. Now having experienced it I recommend this to everyone. I highly recommend to all the ”Doubting Thomases’ out there. - Carol B., NH


Medical Worker Gains Knowledge

I work in the medical field, Dr. Ricci’s presentation was excellent. He genuinely cares about people. Everyone can benefit. - Melissa S., CA


Multiple Successes


Quit Smoking  - Lost 70 Pounds

I have not had a cigarette since that day (day of the clinic). I have also lost an amazing 70 lb.! Thanks again for your help. - Hugh L., OR


Lower Cholesterol  -  TMJ Relieved  -  Lost 40 Pounds

I lost 4” off my waist and 7” off my hips. I lost 40 pounds and have a lot more energy. My ankles don’t swell anymore … my TMJ is better. My cholesterol went from 304 to 223. I am glad I know these skills of life. – Karen M, U


3 Employees Quit Smoking & Lost Weight At The Same Time

My boss went to your session and is down 3 dress sizes. The woman sitting next to her lost 30 pounds and our friend lit up her morning cigarette in the car then immediately threw it out the window.” – Wendy, CT


More Productive  -  Less Pain  -  Better Sleep  -  Not Simply Textbook

Dr. Ricci’s information was not simply textbook, it was real life experiences, which I could relate to. I am more productive and remain calm in any given situation. I also lost eight pounds. My family members are able to see the difference. - Sharleen F., CA


Lost Weight  -  Lower Cholesterol  -  Less Pain  -  More Self-Esteem

Not only am I losing weight I also feel great. I have Arthritis, and I am able to walk almost 2 miles without pain, my cholesterol dropped from 337 to 225. - Helen V., OR


Doctor Reduces Anti-Depressant Medication

I went to the doctor yesterday and told her about you. She also lowered my Trazadone intake (anti-depressant). Thanks. - Sherry P., OR


No More Sleep Medication  -  Less Pain - Less Stress

I had been taking Ambiem nightly for a couple of years to get a good night’s sleep. I sleep so good each night and feel very rested. I have not taken any of the Ambiem. – Wendy H., Carson City, NV


Quit Alcohol  -  Handles Stress Now

As an “Administrative Aid” to an elected official, I have a stressful job. Now at the end of an 11-hour workday the stress and tension of the job is almost non-existent. The most surprising part is that I have not touched a drop of alcohol. I’ve also lost 10 pounds. - Sue G., CA


Lost Excess Weight and more

Nurse Loses 65 Pounds  -  Gets Her Life Back

I dropped 4 dress sizes and lost 65 pounds. I am a Nurse and know very well I was heading to a life of health problems related to being overweight. I like me for the first time in a lot of years and it is all thanks to your program. – Ann T., RN, MA


Learned Incredible Information  -  In Control Now

I learned an incredible amount of helpful information! I felt wonderful, positive, at peace, in complete control over my over-eating. Thank you for giving me the tools to make positive changes in my life! - Tammy M., CA


Intrigued the Whole Time  -  Lost Weight  -  Sleeps Better

I was intrigued the whole time. I've felt happy, more relaxed! That night I slept right through the night. I had the deepest sleep I think I've ever fallen into. I learned how my mind works. Thank you VERY MUCH! - Valerie M.,WA


Reverses Bypass Surgery After 50 Year

Your presentation was so interesting and it works. I have tried every diet known in the past 50 years.I recommend you to anyone who is serious about doing a great service for them self. I have lost weight, and feel better both mentally and physically. – Imagene M., CA


Feels Better Than Ever

I lost 15 lbs. in the first 21 days after leaving your session and I'm still losing weight! I can't tell you how grateful I am. I have changed my eating patterns, and I feel better than ever!


No Results Before Now  -  Effortless

I found this program to be effortless. I have been on many diets but never with the results that I have experienced these past few months. It’s great! – Bea M., MA


No More Binging  -  No More Migraines   -  5” Off Waist

I have stopped binging on sugar and junk food, I no longer get migraines either. I have lost five inches off of my waistline. - Sherry S., NE


God-Sent Program  -  4” Off Waist  -  2” Arms & Legs

This is a God-sent program I wish every American would attend. I have already lost 4 inches in the waist (from 30 to 26 inches) and 2 inches in the tops of my arms and legs. – Jeanette C. J., SC


NOTE: For more Weight Loss review MULTIPLE SUCCESSES


Quit Smoking and more


Incredible Program - Truly Amazing

I wish everyone in the world who smokes could take this, it is truly incredible. Truly amazing. - Clayton C. S., MA


Quit After 48 Years - Awesome

I have not had nor have the desire to have a cigarette since the evening of the clinic, and it is almost as if I had never been a smoker. This is an awesome tool. - Pat A., OR


Mom and Both Children Quit Smoking At Same Time - Has Emphysema Breaths Better
I walked out of that seminar a non-smoker. It feels like I’ve never smoked a day in my life. I breath better.

My son & his wife went to the same clinic and are also smoke free.” - Charlot B., ID


Appreciate Education - Quit After 19 Years

Since your seminar, I haven't smoked. I feel great and want to express my gratitude for what you showed and taught me. – Victoria C., NV


Amazed How Easy - No Withdrawals - Quit After 35 Years

I’m amazed how easy. I had no withdrawal, no craving & wasn’t a witch. I feel better. I smell better, my husband & kids thank you. Sincerely. - Gloria P., ME


Tried Everything Before With No Success - Quit after 43 years

I have now been smoke free since 11:55 am on May 15, 2002. I had previously tried gum, patches, cold turkey, (boy was It hell). - Pete S., RI


Total Faith in Program - Quit since 1999

I quit smoking in July 1999 and have not looked back since. It worked! I have total faith in the program. - Larry H. W., CA


Skeptical No More - Quit 2 Packs A Day - No Weight Gain

I came to one of your sessions as a support person for a friend. Skeptical I stayed for the whole session. I have not smoked or gained any weight since that night. - Kathleen C., MA


The Most Amazing Thing - No Need to Smoke Anymore
I have not smoked a cigarette since the clinic. It's the most amazing thing. I have no want, or need in me to smoke. - Jennifer B., OR


VIDEO TESTIMONIALS - To See Video Click on Picture or Description


Betty M   Lost  Weight - Better Sleep - Less Pain


Margaret D.    Lost 40 Pounds Effortlessly


Video Tamara K.  Lost 20 pounds - Less Stress - Better Sleep

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