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Behavioral Modification

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You are entitled to a free Behavior Modification session based on our nationally recognized treatment developed from advanced research at Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, John Hopkins and Mayo Clinic.

To see a list of treatable issues and choose what you would like help with...

A. Scroll down and click on the * Heading of the main category that represents what you want help with and our E-mail will open

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Note: If you do not hear from us within 24 hours we may have not received your email, please resend it. We also conduct One-On-One, Telephone, Skype or Group Sessions (Your personal information will remain private). FREND's private sessions, group therapy and Complete In-Home Treatment CD Library are among the safest effective treatments available.



Emotional Release
General Worries
Morbid Thoughts
Negative Release
Panic Attacks
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Stress Management
Work Worries

Chocolate Aversion for Weight Loss
Eating and Drinking More Slowly
Eating Healthy
Emotional Eating
Fit, Trim and Healthy
Letting go of Excess weight
Motivation for Exercise
Nocturnal Eating
Regaining Slimness
Sensible Eating
Slimmer You
Weight Loss Maintenance

Chewing Tobacco
Nicotine Craving

Menstrual Pain
Muscular Relaxation
Pain Management
Pain Relief

Clear My Mind

Accepting Responsibility
Achive Happiness
Become Organized
Creativity - New
Curbing Control
Develop Calmness
Develop Charisma
Develop Patience
Emotional Baggage
Inner Adviser
Life Changes
Luck and Intuition
Making Dreams Come True
New Year - New You
Reinvent Yourself Successful Step Parenting
Tuning into Emotions

*  Eliminate Addiction

Binge Drinking
Caffeine Addiction
Cannabis Addiction
Chewing Tobacco
Chocolate Addiction
Cocaine Addiction
Compulsive Spending
Freedom from Drugs
Heroin Addiction
Methadone Addiction
Nicotine Craving
Pipe Smoking
Pornography Addiction
Salt Addiction
Soft Drinks
Stop Shoplifting
Sugar Addiction
Tranquilizer Addiction
TV Addiction

* Anger Management

Road Rage
Stopping Swearing
Stop Self-Harming
Spiritual Guidance

* Body Image

Better Posture
Exuding Beauty

* Business & Life Management Skills

Attracting Abundance
Career Change Confidence
Dealing with Employees
Executive Skills
Facing Bankruptcy
Financial Worries (Coping)
Natural Negotiation
Selling Skills
Sensible Spending
Stepping Back from your Business
Successful Interviews
Time Management

* Computer Confidence

Dyscalculia (understanding basic math)
Listening Skills
Memory Improvement
Memory Recall
Mental Blocks
Presentations & Exams
Writing Skills

* Coping with Grief

Bereavement (Loss of a Loved One)
Healing Heartbreak
Loss of a Child
Saying Goodbye

* Coping With Loss

Finding Lost Object
Losing a Pet
Separation Anxiety

* Exam Success

Driving Test
Driving Theory
Exam Nerves
Exam Success
Stress-free Studying
Test Anxiety

* General Health

Blood Pressure
Depression/Anxiety Combination
Enjoying Fruit & Vegetables
Headaches and Migraine
Hypochondria (Worrying About Illness)
Improve Immune System
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Life Energy Lower
Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Root Canal Hypnosis
Sleep Apnea
Stomach Ulcers

* Spiritual Guidance

Premarital Guidance
Bringing God Into Your Life
Religious Beliefs
Fear of Death

* Self Confidence

Confidence Building
Confidence for Dating
Confidence at Work
Ego Strengthening
Increased Self-Esteem
Making Decisions
Powerful Public Speaking



* Habits and Disorders

ADHD (for Adults)
Appetite Increase
Bedwetting (Adults)
Bedwetting (Children)
Bladder Control
Chewing Annoyance
Compulsive Lying
Creating Alternatives
Drunk Driving Aversion
Excessive Burping
Knuckle Cracking
Mind Clutter
Mouth/Cheek Biting
Nail Biting
Nervous Cough
Nervous Fainting
Nervous Twitch
Obsessive Behavior
Restless Leg Syndrome
Stopping Unwanted Thoughts
Swallowing Pills with Ease
Thumb Sucking (Adult)
Compulsive Hair Pulling

* Improve Relationship

Accepting Alcoholism
Attracting Love
Coping with Noisy Neighbors
Dealing with Divorce
Draw Love into Your Life
Forgetting an Ex-Lover
Improve Intimacy
Inner Child
Moving on in a Relationship
Overcome Marital Abuse
Perfect Partnership
Rebuilding Trust
Unrequited Love

* Life Management & Higher Consciousness

Handeling Everyday Issues
Connecting to Higher Self
Age Regression
Automatic Writing
Higher Consciousness
Life Script
Path of Life

*  Performance

Accepting Yourself
Better Handwriting
Camera/Media Shy
Hypnotic Power Nap
Inappropriate Laughter
Interrupted Sleep
Living in the Now
Peak Performance
Personal Pride
Song Writing
Stage Fright / Auditions
Unlock Artistic Ability
Velvet Voice

* Sexual Issues

Cross Dressing
Erectile Dysfunction
Increased Libido
Intimate Sex
Masturbation Addiction
Premature Ejaculation
Rape Recovery
Saying No to Sex
Sexual Confusion
Sexual Fulfillment

* Sports Improvement

Better Rock Climbing
Bike Riding Confidence
Bike Racing Confidence
Boxing Boost
Champion Darts
Endurance Training
Exercise for Fun
Excel at Sport
Football Confidence
General Sport Improvement
Golf Improvement
Hypnosis for Martial Arts
Perfect Pitching (Softball)
Perfect Poker
Running / Jogging
Swim with Hypnosis
Tennis Improvement
Wrestling Excellence

* Fears and Phobias

Agoraphobia (Anxiety)
Homophobia (Dislike of Homosexuals)
Social Phobia (Fear of being judged negatively)
Fear of Air Turbulence
Fear of Anesthesia
Fear of Authority
Fear of Balloons
Fear of Bees or Wasps
Fear of Being Alone
Fear of Birds
Fear of Blood
Fear of Bodily Functions
Fear of Buttons
Fear of Cats
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Criticism
Fear of Crowds
Fear of the Dark
Fear of the Dark for Children
Fear of Death
Fear of Dental Treatment
Fear of Doctor's & Dentists (White Coat Syndrome)
Fear of Dogs
Fear of Driving
Fear of Eating in Public
Fear of Escalators
Fear of Failure
Fear of Fainting
Fear of Falling over while Walking (Balance)
Fear of Fear
Fear of Flying
Fear of Furry Animals
Fear of Germs
Fear of Insects
Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses
Fear of Inserting Eye Drops
Fear of Internal Examinations
Fear of Intimacy
Fear of Going Places
Fear of Heights (or Bridges)
Fear of Hospitals
Fear of Injections
Fear of Elevators
Fear of Lizards
Fear of Long Flights
Fear of Loud Noises
Fear of Monsters
Fear of Moths
Fear of Freeway Driving
Fear of MRI Scan
Fear of Needles
Fear of Old Age
Fear of Passenger Travel
Fear of Pregnancy
Fear of Public Toilets
Fear of Rats and Mice
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Shopping Centers/Malls
Fear of Sleep (while Driving)
Fear of Snakes
Fear of Spiders
Fear of Spiders (for children)
Fear of Success
Fear of Talking on Telephone
Fear of Technology
Fear of Thunderstorms
Fear of Travel
Fear of the Underground /
Subway / Metro
Fear of Viruses
Fear of Vomiting
Fear of Water


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NOTE: The FREND Group's success is the result of utilizing inspirational Seminar/Clinics and one-on-one sessions in conjunction with our Clinical Reinforcement Hypnotherapy CD Programs. Understand, Hypnotherapy is best used for
vocational and avocational pursuits. It does not treat physiological or psychological disorders. A Hypnotherpist does not diagnose, prescribe or treat medical conditions; your primary care provider must treat any medical condition.
(Ref: FREND Clinics attendees responding to follow-up surveys, since 1994)