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“Your future does not lie in front of you, it lies above you” - Dr. Frank Ricci III



Dr. Frank Ricci is a Behavioral Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is conservative in his approach, always compassionate and believes in a common sense approach to life's problems.

Frank focuses on all three aspects of people's life, the mental, physical and spiritual.

Frank will speak to individuals, couples, families and groups regarding everyday concerns including pre-marital issues.

He helps clients develop healthy relationships and for married couples how to avoid divorce whenever possible.

He counsels the parties to recognize and better manage troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress.

Why Mind/Body/Spirit Counselling

The Spirit is the expression of how the Mind and Body are working together or vice versa. Inspiring one spirit usually leads to their taking better care of their body and mind.

By improving the Mind and Body, the Spirit will soar to new heights. Mind, Body and Spirit work together synergistically to create a healthy vibrant you.

You cannot affect one without affecting the others. That is why this program is geared to improving the whole person.

Tailoring The Program

Depending on an individual's needs or the needs of an entire organization, Frank can tailor his approach to accommodate them both.

An individual - can take advantage of just the one-on-one sessions, or based on their schedule or distance, utilize just the Clinical Self-Improvement CD's (This should be discussed with your Life Management Coach).

An organization - can expand and tailor this program by adding motivational seminars and clinics for their people.

The Truth Behind Clinical Hypnotherapy by Dr. Frank Ricci, Director

After speaking to over 200 organizations nationally about successfully treating over 150,000 employees hypnotically, I find that those who fear hypnosis generally get their information from movies, television or a Hypnosis show. I always caution them that those are the LAST places they should seek knowledge about that science especially Clinical Hypnotherapy. TV, movies and Hypnosis shows are only there to entertain you they are not there to teach you.

There is a huge difference generally between a Hypnotist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Most anyone can be taught how to hypnotize someone by attending a weekend class. To be a qualified Clinical ​Hypnotherapist takes years of education. As the names imply, a Hypnotist only hypnotizes while a Clinical Hypnotherapist can actually help TREAT your disorders such as fears and phobias, weight loss, addictions, pain, insomnia and much more.

Clinical Hypnotherapists, work in health clinics and assist in hospitals e.g. helping pregnant mothers deliver a painless birth. Please excuse me while I toot my clinic's horn a little and support my colleagues (other Hypnotherapists) at the same time, you will not see a Hypnotist receive testimonials such as;

  • Thank you Dr. Ricci since the loss of my daughter, in July, I have found nothing pleasurable, little to no motivation to do anything more than what is robotically there to do each day at work. When I stop moving and my mind has the opportunity to ‘think’ the realization can often be too much to bear.

  • Since your clinic I have, well I can’t explain it and won’t try to figure out an answer, more energy, feel more relaxed, have gotten out from under a seemingly never ending cloud and have started practicing my much loved yoga again. – Lisa D., CA

Feel free to review more of our testimonials like this plus many endorsements from internationally respected organizations like the American Cancer Society.

Contact me and set up a free session, ask questions or attend my seminar on the "Power of the Mind". I show the audience what Clinical Hypnotherapy really is and how you can improve the quality of your life. You will see live examples of how attendees can quit smoking with no withdrawals or weight gain or lose all the excess weight they want naturally without diet pills or starvation diets.

There is much more that we can discuss. My clinic is a charitable clinic so we work closely with our clients on a sliding scale.

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NOTE: Sessions can be conducted privately from any location worldwide via Skype


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