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“Your future does not lie in front of you, it lies above you” - Dr. Frank Ricci III


Dr. Frank Ricci is a Behavioral Therapist and certified in spiritual guidance. He is conservative in his approach, always compassionate, but believes in a common sense approach to life's problems.

Aside from the physical, Frank also focuses on the spiritual aspect of people's lives, how spiritual beliefs guide people on their daily journey through God's world.

Frank will speak to individuals, couples, families and groups regarding everyday concerns or pre-marital preparation.

He helps clients develop healthy relationships and for married couples how to avoid divorce whenever possible.

He counsels the parties to recognize and better manage troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress.

Why Mind/Body/Spirit Counselling

The Spirit is the expression of how the Mind and Body are working together or vice versa. Inspiring one spiritually usually leads to their taking better care of their body and mind.

By improving the Mind and Body, the Spirit will soar to new heights. Mind, Body and Spirit work together synergistically to create a healthy vibrant you.

You cannot affect one without affecting the others. That is why this program is geared to improving the whole person.

Tailoring The Program

Depending on an individuals personal needs or the needs of an entire organization, Frank can tailor his approach to accommodate them.

An individual - can take advantage of just the one-on-one sessions, or based on their schedule or distance, utilize just the Clinical Self-Improvement CD's (This should be discussed with your Life Management Coach).

An organization - can expand and tailor this program by adding motivational seminars and clinics for their people.

NOTE: Sessions can be conducted privately from any location worldwide via Skype


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