Surveys indicate our program to be up to six times
more successful than conventional programs.




Conventional wellness program's VS The FREND Group

Results of an American Medical Association’s (AMA) survey of conventional wellness programs were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) have a success record as follows:

Conventional:        Overall success   8%
The FREND Group: Overall success 89%

Conventional:        Permanent weight loss   6%
The FREND Group: Permanent weight loss 59%

Conventional:        Smoking cessation utilizing prescribed medications,
                           nicotine patches, gums and inhalers   8%
The FREND Group: Smoking cessation and/or reduction 74%

Conventional:        Stress reduction (Not reported)
The FREND Group: Stress reduction 97%

Understanding the problem

When people understand why their habits are so predictable, it enables them to begin dissolving limited beliefs around their abilities to release stress and stress-related issues and addictions.

The law of Cause and Effect

When you effectively reduce the cause (stress) you can more easily eliminate the effect (smoking, excess weight, insomnia, pain, drugs, alcohol and more).

Advanced clinical research supports this program

Utilizes procedures similar to what is applied in the departments of medicine and psychology at Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins University regarding positive psychology, reinforcement and clinical hypnotherapeutic modalities.

Also incorporate behavior modification techniques developed by respected pioneers in mental health such as Milton H. Erickson. M.D. and John Kappas, Ph.D.

Their groundbreaking techniques in behavior modification to eliminate negative thinking and low self-esteem are accepted worldwide as the most effective and safest approaches available today.

Major organizations take advantage of this unique program

Respected organizations, such as General Dynamics, the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, the California Nurses Association, countless government agencies, law enforcement, firefighters, and Native Americans have taken advantage of this program.



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