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Lose Weight


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Lost Weight
Better Sleep
Less Pain
Betty M

Lost 40 Lbs

Margaret D.

Lost 20 Lbs
Less Stress
Better Sleep

Video Tamara K.



City of Grass Valley 
"As a Human Resources professional for over twenty-five years I tend to be very skeptical when presented with programs dealing with motivation and self-improvement. One hour with you at your training/clinic changed all that and I sensed a dramatic shift in my belief system. I would recommend your clinic to anyone who wants to gain more control over their stress and stress-related issues such as smoking and excess weight. It is powerful stuff." - Michael F. Lewis, HR Manager, City of Grass Valley, CA

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County of Sutter   
"You certainly touched and positively affected the majority of attendees. The program was exceptionaly professional in the presentation; and you were welcoming and supportive to the attendees ... we look forward to having you return." -  Dr. Michael Kinnison, Health Officer, County of Sutter, CA

Endorsement Letter

"The response from the employees that attended the clinics was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, 100% of the employees responding to a questionnaire at the end of the clinics stated that they enjoyed the presentation, that the presentations helped them view life differently and gave them a positive outlook towards eating better and relieving stress. I would highly recommend Dr. Frank Ricci and The FREND Group to any public entity considering this program." - Paul McIntosh, County Administrative Officer, Butte County, CA

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Seal County of Lake  
"The clinic provided our employees with an opportunity for self-improvement in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The response from attendees was very positive. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Frank Ricci and The FREND Group." - Kelly F. Cox, County Administrative Officer, Lake County, CA

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County of Tulare  
"The seminar was great! I think all of us could use tips and tools for stress reduction. I know we could use it at the DA's Office, especially when we're in trial." -
Letizia Pingitore, County Attorney, Tulare County, CA


County of Tehama Seal  
"I appreciated the sincerity with which Dr. Ricci approached our employees. He truly is committed to helping people.. ." - William "Bill" Goodwin, PE, PLS, County Administrative Officer, Tehama County, CA


City of Grants Pass    
"To my amazement, since the session, I have been successful in changing my behavior beyond my wildest dreams. To the shock of my family, I even passed up fres Krispy Cremes a few weeks ago. I want to thank you for coming to Grants Pass, and wish you the best in your endeavors." - Ulys Stapleton, City Attorney, City of Grants Pass, OR

Endorsement Letter

City of Roseville   Gina Garbolino, Mayor, City of Roseville, CA

"Thanks for all your hard and good work."

        Farmersville Police  

"The wide range of topics, including stress management, weight loss and smoking cessation allowed the seminar to appeal to many different individuals.

I was particularly impressed with the time you took to explain not only the process but also how and why your procedures are effective.

Snce attending your seminar I have returned to the gym after a long absence and have been working out at 5:00 AM, 5 days a week without fail for the last 6 weeks."

Mario Krstic, Chief of Police, City of Farmersville, CA

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General Dynamics Banner

Corporate Medical Director - 98,600 employees

“A wonderful alternative to standard medical treatment.” - Dr. Katherine Johnson, Corporate Medical Director, General Dynamics Corporation, Falls Church, VA

Electric Boat Corporation - U.S. Submarine Division - 11,300 employees

"I received excellent feedback. Thanks for your superlative effort." - David M. Page, HR Administrator, Electric Boat Corporation, Division of General Dynamic, CT/RI

Endorsement Letter

Bath Iron Works Corporation - U.S. Destroyer Division - 7,700 employees

“Feedback was very positive. I found Dr. Ricci to be personable, professional, flexible, and accommodating in the planning, scheduling, and delivery…” - Patrick Conley, Ethics Director Employee Relations, Bath Iron Works Corporation, Division of General Dynamics, ME 

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News Review Vicki Johnston, Human Resources, The News Review, Roseburg, OR

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Siskiyou News   

"Pat Mills, a Yreka smoker of a pack and a half of cigarettes a day for more than 40 years, attended Ricci's seminar in October and has not had a cigarette since she walked out of the Miner's Inn on Oct. 20 (2004). Mills says she noticed a difference in her tobacco cravings before she ever left the building that night. "It would cross my mind to smoke and then the idea would go back out," Mills said.

Mills' friends say they have already noticed an improvement in her smoker's cough and she has noticed an improvement in her breathing." - Siskiyou Daily News, Siskiyou, CA


Appeal Democrat 

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"We at the American Cancer Society support the work of Dr. Frank Ricci... You owe it to yourself to attend Dr. Ricci's exceptional clinic. The treatment administered is very effective..." - Randall L. Butler, Community Cancer Control Manager, Great Western Division, OR

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"What a phenominal program! My members are still talking about it and can't believe the changes in their lives in such a short period of time." - Lisa Engle, Owner Curves of Merlin, OR

Endorsement Letter

Healthy Inspirations  

"Our ladies were amazed and learned quite a lot ... We were excited to learn how to change the negative and harmful habits we had and exchange them for healthy ones." - Lori Dodder, Owner, Grants Pass, OR

Endorsement Letter

Shape N Up Logo

"Your clinic was amazing! I have more energy and feel much more upbeat. This is an absolutely fantastic result." - Betty Moore and Amanda Brydon, Owners


Endorsement Letter

Medical Social Worker

"From both a professional (Retired clinical and medical social worker) and lay persepective, I highly recommend your program." - Donna K., OR

Endorsement Letter

Medical Worker

"I work in the medical field. Dr. Ricci’s presentation was excellent. He genuinely cares about people. Everyone can benefit." - Melissa S., CA

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Cahto Tribe  Cahto Tribe of Laytonville Rancheria  

"You have made a meaningful contribution to alleviate some of the daily pressures ... and lent encouragement to and shown local people how to make positive changes that will have a lasting effect on them and their families, co-workers and the general public." - Hygi Waetermans, Tribal Administrator

Endorsement Letter


Big Valley Rancheria  Big Valley Rancheria Tail, Tribal Administrator, Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians, CA

"I was so impressed and moved at the seminar you delivered to the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians ... What I enjoyed most is the straightforward information about how the process to improve one's health works and why."- James W. Tail, Tribal Administrator

Endorsement Letter


Mill Casino The Coquille Tribe, Rachele Summerville, Benefit and Safety Administrator, Mill Casino-Hotel 

"Feedback from the participants was positive, and many found the sessions to be both educational and beneficial." - Rachele Sumerville, Benefit and Safety Administrator

Endorsement Letter

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Independence High Independence High School / Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Program (TUPE), CA

“In my 38 years of teaching I have observed many speakers and attended many workshops. This ranks as one of the best.” – Ronald Locicero, Cec Bell, Principal

Endorsement Letter


Oakland High Oakland High School, OR

"You are incredible!! Thank you for making it such a memorable evening for our students. Your event was fun, motivating, and appropriate for our audience." - Kathy Brenner, Program Director, Oakland High School, OR



Urban League  California

“I want to thank you for doing such an outstanding job in your talk … The students thought your talk was good because of your easy manner and the way they were able to relate to you.” – Morris (Danny) Herndon, Programming Instructor

Endorsement Letter

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CSAC California State Association of Counties (CSAC) 

“I would highly recommend you consider taking advantage of this program.” - Paul McIntosh, Executive Director, California State Association of Counties

Endorsement Letter

 California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA)


CAHP  California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP)



CNA   California Nurses Association (CNA)

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REDUCED STRESS and more benefits
Aid To Elected Official Reduced Stress - Lost Weight - Quit Alcohol
As an “Administrative Aid” to an elected official, I have a stressful job. Now at the end of an 11-hour workday the stress and tension of the job is almost non-existent. The most surprising part is that I have not touched a drop of alcohol. I’ve also lost 10 pounds. - Sue G., CA
Calmer - Lost Weight - More Productive
I am more productive and remain calm in any given situation. My family members are able to see the difference. I also lost eight pounds. - Sharleen F., CA
Less Stress - Sleeps Better - Eats Healthier - Reduced Pain
Stress level reduced, pain level reduced by half, and eating healthier. I haven’t slept this well in months. - Wendy S., CA
Learned Incredible Information - I Am In Control Now
Thank you for giving me the tools to make positive changes in my life! I learned an incredible amount of helpful information! I felt wonderful, positive, at peace, in complete control over my over-eating. - Tammy M., CA
More Relaxed - Best Night's Sleep - Lost Weight - Learned how my mind works
I was intrigued the whole time. I've felt happy, more relaxed! That night I slept right through the night. I had the deepest sleep I think I've ever fallen into. I learned how my mind works. Thank you VERY MUCH! - Valerie M., WA


LOST WEIGHT and more benefits

Lost 70 lbs + Quit Smoking
I lost an amazing 70 lbs and I have not had a cigarette since that day! - Hugh L., OR
Lost 50 lbs Effortlessly
I was able to lose over fifty pounds. The weight loss was completely effortless. As I followed your program I noticed my poor eating habits change, again, without any discomfort on my end. The weight naturally began to fall off. During that time, I noticed the daily relaxing of my muscles loosen the frequent knots and tension from pain, caused by fibromyalgia. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. The simple tools you've given me will last a lifetime.
Lisa A., CA
Nurse Loses 65 lbs + Gets Life Back
I dropped 4 dress sizes and lost 65 pounds. I like me for the first time in a lot of years and it is all thanks to your program.I am a Nurse and know very well I was heading to a life of health problems related to being overweight. You have given me my life back. – Ann T., Registered Nurse, MA
Lost Weight + Eliminated Pain + Better Sleep
I am amazed at the results I have seen in just a short period of time. I have had chronic medical problems with pain and had gained 80 lbs over the last 10 years. I have tried every diet and weight loss program and pills for the pain with no results, and the food cravings still posing a huge problem.My appetite has been cut in half and I lost 5 lbs (First week and one-half) without doing anything different with my diet or exercise. The stress at work was killing me and adding to the problems with comfort food.My pain is all but gone and I am getting up and actually looking forward to walking and some light exercise!I have had sleep problems and coupled with the stress was only sleeping about three hours a night... I now fall asleep right away and if I wake in the middle of the night, I am able to fall right back to sleep. It has made a remarkable difference in a very short time. - Janet W., OR

3 Employees Lost Weight + Quit Smoking At Same Time
My boss went to your session and is down 3 dress sizes. The woman sitting next to her lost 30 pounds and our friend lit up her morning cigarette in the car then immediately threw it out the window.” – Wendy, CT

Lost 40 pounds + TMJ Relieved
I lost 4” off my waist and 7” off my hips. I lost 40 pounds and have a lot more energy. My ankles don’t swell anymore … my TMJ is better. My cholesterol went from 304 to 223. I am glad I know these skills of life. – Karen M, UT

Finally, Help After 50 Years of Trying
I have tried every diet known in the past 50 years. Your presentation was so interesting and it works. I recommend you to anyone who is serious about doing a great service for them self. I have lost weight, and feel better both mentally and physically. – Imagene M., CA

A God Sent Program
I have already lost 4 inches in the waist (from 30 to 26 inches) and 2 inches in the tops of my arms and legs. This is a God-sent program I wish every American would attend. – Jeanette C.J., SC

Lost Weight + Reduced Cholesterol + Less Pain
Not only am I losing weight I also feel great. I have Arthritis, and I am able to walk almost 2 miles without pain. My cholesterol dropped from 337 to 225. - Helen V., OR

No Results Before Now
I found this program to be effortless. I have been on many diets but never with the results that I have experienced these past few months. It’s great! – Bea M., MA

No More Binging + Lost 5" Off Waist + No More Migraines
I have stopped binging on sugar and junk food. I no longer get migraines either. I have lost five inches off of my waistline. - Sherry S., NE
Feels Better Than Ever
I lost 15 lbs. in the first 21 days after leaving your session and I'm still losing weight! I can't tell you how grateful I am. I have changed my eating patterns, and I feel better than ever!

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QUIT SMOKING and more benefits

Quit 3 Packs a Day After 45 Years - Saves $400 per month
I was smoking 2 packs a day and on weekends when I was not working 3 packs. I would actually stay up nights so I could smoke. My health was terrible. I was suffering with constant headaches, I had chronic Sinusitis and every winter Bronchitis and every cold and flu that come around.
I started smoking as a teenager in Europe and had been smoking for 45 years. I had tried to quit several times, with antidepressants, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges, patches and cold turkey. The longest I had ever stopped was 2 weeks.
After I left (Dr. Ricci's clinic.), I really did not want a cigarette and the next morning when I was having my coffee I thought about smoking but I didn’t. This month (October 2010) it has been 3 years I have not smoked. I feel great! I have not been sick at all.
P.S. I am saving a fortune. The price of my favorite brand of cigarettes has gone to $58.00 a carton.
- Beate G., CA
Firefighter Quits Smoking
My appreciation to you for freeing me from the terrible addiction to nicotine. I now have a smoke free life which is second to none.
Heartfelt thanks to you from myself and my family.
- Lt. Edward B., Firefighter., MA

Mom and Two Children Quit At Same Time

I walked out of that seminar a non-smoker. It feels like I’ve never smoked a day in my life. I breath better.

My son & his wife went to the same clinic and are also smoke free.
- Charlot B., ID

Quit After 48 Years
I have not had nor have the desire to have a cigarette since the evening of the clinic, and it is almost as if I had never been a smoker.
This is an awesome tool. - Pat A., OR

Quit 1 1/2 Packs A Day After 35 Years and Had No Withdrawals
I was a 1 1/2 pack a day smoker for 35 years. I’m amazed how easy it was...
I had no withdrawals, no cravings and wasn’t a witch!
I feel better, smell better, my husband and kids thank you. God bless! - Gloria P., RI


Quit 2 Packs A Day - No Weight Gain - Skeptical No More

I came to one of your sessions as a support person for a friend.
Skeptical I stayed for the whole session.
I have not smoked or gained any weight since that night. - Kathleen C., MA

No More Allergy or Asthma Symptoms - Quit After 30 Years - No Withdrawals

After 30 years I am smoke free! I suffered no withdrawals, no cravings and day by day I am getting healthier. No more allergies or asthma symptoms.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Ricci and this program. It really works!!
- Debbie M., IA

Quit After 19 years - Appreciates the Education

I haven't smoked. I feel great and want to express my gratitude for what you showed and taught me. – Victoria C., NV

Quit after 43 years

I have now been smoke free since 11:55 am on May 15, 2002. I had previously tried gum, patches, cold turkey, (boy was It hell).
- Pete S., RI

Everyone Should Attend - Incredible Program - Truly Amazing
- Clayton C. S., MA

Quit Since 1999 - Have Total Faith In Program
- Larry H. W., CA

Quit Smoking After 35 years
- Cindy G., MA

Amazing I Quit Smoking After Attending Only One Session
Jennifer B., OR

Finally Quit After Trying For 5 Years - Feels Great! 
- Hilda S., MA

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Best Program in 28 years

I've worked for the County for 28 years, and have attended stress trainings, but nothing as beneficial.

I've supervised employees for quite a few years, and am confident this training is a must. It will help those with any issues they deal with, either personally or at work.

This would help the employees in becoming healthier. I lost eight pounds (First month so far.) Thank you.
- Barbara S., County Supervisor, CA

Effective for Health & Human Services 
I found the workshop to be very informative.
This information will be helpful in my work with people who are drug/alcohol, domestic abuse dependent.
- Kathleen B., County Department of Health & Human Services, Public Assistance/Employment and Training Branch, CA
Saved Marriage + Reduced Stress + Pain + Weight + Sleep Better
Not only have you assisted in maintaining my stress level, sleep, physical pain and weight management, you also assisted in saving my marriage. It was our anniversary and we have been going through some really tough times and we were not dealing with them very well.
Since attending your seminar, we have communicated a lot better and have been able to really focus on us and the love we share for each other and letting go of the "life" stuff that gets in the way. Thank YOU!!!
- Linda S., County Employee, CA
Reqains Life After Death of Young Daughter
Since the loss of my daughter in July (17 years old), I have found nothing pleasurable, little to no motivation to do anything more than what is robotically there to do each day at work.
Since your session I have, more energy, feel more relaxed, have gotten out from under a seemingly never ending cloud and have started practicing my much loved yoga again.
– Lisa D., City Employee, CA
Encouraged to Be Healthier
Your seminar encouraged me and gave me more to think about and to do to get healthier-reduce tensing up my muscles and creating knots and to lose weight. 
Thank you very much for coming down to Sacramento to share your stories, knowledge, and techniques!
- Debra L, CA State Employee
Total Improvement
Not only have you assisted in maintaining my stress level, sleep, physical pain and weight management, you also assisted in saving my marriage. 
- Linda S., County Employee, CA
Changed Woman
I am a totally changed woman. There is a need for this service everywhere.
- Margie S., CA
Elderly Mother's Eye Stopped Hurting - Sleeps Better - Lost Weight
I have lost 7 lbs in two weeks and continue to feel full after each meal. I have more energy and feel so much more upbeat. This is an absolutely fantastic result.
The most important result was my 84 year old Mother has a serious eye disease and the dry eye of her left eye was so painful prior to the clinic, she missed several night's sleep. After the session, she turned to me and said, "My eye does not hurt"! Her eye is pain free to this day. She also slept like a baby that night and every night since.
- Betty M., OR
Terrific Rewarding Program 
It was an absolutely terrific and rewarding. I as well as my husband came thinking that we might learn something,
OH BOY DID WE!!! - Evelyne L., NV
I went to the doctor yesterday and told her about you.She lowered my Trazadone intake  (anti-depressant).
Thanks. - Sherry P., OR
Ex-Convict Understands His Behavior Now
I just spent several years in prison. Dr. Ricci’s seminar was a major leap in my (drug and alcohol) recovery.
I learned more about my behavior from your 2-hour seminar than I’ve learned in 2 months of recovery treatment.
- Marty, CA
Medical Worker Gains Knowledge
I work in the medical field. Dr. Ricci’s presentation was excellent.
He genuinely cares about people. Everyone can benefit. - Melissa S., CA
Feels Rested - Sleeps Better - Reduced Medication
I sleep so good each night and feel very rested.
I have not taken any Ambiem.
- Wendy H., NV
I Am Proud of Myself - Your are Truly Incredible
I am now very proud of myself. I have been telling everyone about this.
You are truly amazing! God bless! - Christopher R., MA
I Feel Privileged
I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to change me to what I want to be.
I feel privileged!  - Becky S., OR
I Recommend Program - It 's Great
I recommended this program to my family and co-workers.
It’s great! - Bea M., MA
I highly recommend this to all the Doubting Thomas’
Your professionalism and motivational style were most influential!
I highly recommend this to all the Doubting Thomas’s. - Carol B., NH